Hi. I'm Ine,

mother of Coco and Silas, and proud owner of BONNIE & THE GANG.
As a graphic and fashion designer, I have always been drawn to kid's fashion and lifestyle. After working as a graphic designer for several years, I graduated in 2013 from the fashion academy at SASK Sint-Niklaas with a children's wear collection.
My label ine de haes was launched soon after that. I designed collections for kids from 4 to 16 years for several seasons, which later grew into this new concept; BONNIE AND THE GANG.
Almost two years ago, I launched this new label of baby- and kidswear, inspired by our first little troublemaker Coco. I started with making every single piece myself and designed on request. Following up on your orders (thank you 🤗) was getting difficult, so once we expected our second baby, I decided to team up with a little factory in Portugal.

Designed in Belgium
by me
. . . 

Vouched for by our 
very first members,
Coco & Silas
. . .
Made in Portugal