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our values


Soft materials and a good fit is essential. 

slow fashion

We keep a continuous range
without end-of-season sales.

personal experience

All styles are designed starting from a personal view and my own two troublemakers’ needs.

made with love

We are in close contact with a small factory in Portugal that translates my designs with care into producible and durable pieces. 


Committed to sustainability in all areas. From sourcing, production, packaging and shipping, to encouraging our customers to donate or resell.


We aim for contemporary and timeless designs to avoid short-term seasonal trends and often copy-pasted hypes.

our responsibility

We all know about the deeper problems that overconsumption in fashion has caused. Not only are landfills filled to the brim with textiles and toxic materials from cheap dyes, but garment factories are also committing labor abuses all around the world to keep up with demand.

BONNIE & THE GANG aims for conscious production and consumerism with respect for all people involved in the process. 

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BONNIE & THE GANG, by Ine De Haes

A young brand with a ‘year-round’ concept. Offering high-quality pieces that are easy to wear, contemporary yet timeless, and designed to grow into.

Our collection is designed for and inspired by our little troublemakers Coco and Silas, and made to share with you.

beautiful campaign by playfulmodernkids

She did it again, perfect shots by Shanlynne (“Shay”) Silvestre. Multi-talented mom of two.